Links work like streets between pages and sites and this means businesses that have quality links are likely to have a good flow of traffic. Getting links that can assure you the right results is a process that takes time and you need to first understand how link building works to avoid the pitfalls that many beginners find themselves into. In the construction industry, you need to choose links that are relevant to your field.

Rocco Basile, an expert in construction and the founder of Avo Construction, has been using different link building strategies and most of them have returned positive results. He helps companies to come up with marketing plans and advices on the right link building strategies to use to increase effectiveness and reach.

Research competitors

The first idea that Rocco Basile supports is searching through your competitors to see the types of links they are using on their profiles. Their link profiles can tell you a lot about the success of the kind of links selected and this could also give you a clue about what you need to choose for your site to also appear among the best on search engines. To accomplish this well, you need the ahrefs plugin, which allows you to export all links used by your competitor in a CSV document. You can then sort the links to choose ones with the best opportunities. You could also sift through indirect competitors for additional links and ideas that could help you to optimize your marketing strategy.

Make it easy to get linked

To get people to link to you, you need to create an ample environment or a good relationship. Make HTML snippets that can be plugged into their content to link directly to you. The best idea would be creating a page titled say, “Link to Us” then allowing a smooth linking process, probably at the bottom of each article or post.

Share your content to get linked

Another aspect of link building that you must know is that people will not link to you until they have read your content to judge if it relates with what they do. For this, you need high quality keyword optimized content that will easily convince your target that your business is formed on the basis of offering quality and maintaining ethics in marketing and development. You need the right people to link to you and most of them don’t come cheap, so having quality content could be the first step towards getting that link.

You need an RSS feed

If you have a blog that is based on popular content management systems like WordPress, you should come up with an RSS feed. A feed allows you to easily monitor your subscribers and with this information you can evaluate what to feed then and at what time. Engagement is key and this is what you should target in all the posts you do. Managing a good RSS feed could increase your chances of getting linked.

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