Charles Lubbat Houston Texas

Charles Lubbat Houston Texas

Marketing is an integral part of your business plan. It is just as important as product development. Marketing informs potential customers and builds loyalty. This process augments your sales pipeline. Connectivity and digital media have revolutionized marketing as we knew it. Digital technologies are constantly evolving. How we use technology affects our social interactions and lifestyles.

What Is Digital Marketing?

People are adopting new technologies quickly. This has forced businesses to find innovative ways to connect with customers. Digital marketing refers to advertising and creating awareness on digital media and related platforms. It involves running promotional and marketing campaigns on electronic media, primarily online. It utilizes search engines, social media, mobile applications, paid advertising and email among others.

Overview of Digital Marketing Strategies

Let us briefly look at a few of the strategies. Email marketing is a proven way to increase traffic to your sites and grow leads. It is an excellent option to maximize your return on investment. Statista reports that more than 2.5 billion people actively use email.

Similarly, the mobile platform is rapidly becoming the next frontier. To put it in perspective, there are close to five billion global mobile users. Your digital marketing strategy must work to optimize the interactions with mobile users.

Search marketing boosts your traffic and consequently sales. Search and social media marketing has also been proven to provide superior user engagements. This leads to higher lead conversions. Social media marketing augments your branding and visibility efforts.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing accelerates the growth of your small business. It offers new ways to connect with people on emergent platforms. What do you stand to gain from using digital marketing strategies?

  • It is a cost-effective strategy that gets results. Compared to traditional marketing strategies, digital marketing works at a fraction of the budget.
  • It levels out the playing field for both small startups and established brands. Marketing is slowly shifting focus from quantity and size to quality. A smart and well-executed digital strategy can be more effective than a big budget campaign from your competitors.
  • Enjoy a wider audience. There are more people online than those watching TV or walking on the streets. As connectivity and smart technologies improve, more people, as well as devices, are expected to come on board. This increases the exposure as you can target global customers.
  • Your campaign could go viral. Millions of users could share your message in a short period. This opens up new, lucrative, and unprecedented opportunities.
  • There is greater user engagement. This enables essential feedback that guides your campaigns and business strategy. In addition, information from the marketing campaigns is available for analysis and interpretation on a real-time basis. This empowers you to refine your promotional strategies quickly. Data analytics enables you to gain resourceful insight into consumer preferences. Consequently, you are in a better position to influence purchasing decisions.
  • Digital marketing improves your online reputation. This builds customer loyalty and boosts your potential customer base. It opens the door to the futuristic opportunities presented by the internet of things and other emergent technologies.


Digital marketing is a powerful strategy to grow your startup. A digital marketing specialist can empower your business to realize its potential. Charles Lubbat is an experienced business consultant. He offers effective digital marketing strategies that enable startups to cross the tracks to profitability and longevity.

A smart digital marketing approach sets your business apart from the competition. It allows you to build profitable long-term relationships with clients. Some digital marketing strategies are relatively inexpensive. This makes them an excellent choice for cash and bootstrapped startups.


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