When it comes to effective SEO strategies, link building continues to remain among the most critically important. It also happens to be a strategy that has consistently evolved at a fairly rapid rate over the past few years, forcing SEO professionals to constantly adapt to changing algorithms in order to generate positive results. Best practices in link building were recently the topic of a lively discussion with Dr. Raouf Farag, an IVF doctor from Gosford in New South Wales, Australia. While the doctor’s expertise is certainly not in SEO or link-building strategies, he did make a number of insightful observations in evaluating the best practices used for search engine optimization.

As an obstetrician and gynecologist who specializes in IVF, Dr. Farag remains a key figure for families in New South Wales. The patients under his care seek out Dr. Farag for his expertise and his detail-oriented approach to medicine, which includes reminding patients that there is no stronger bond than the bond shared by members of a loving family. It is in this way that the doctor presents the importance of creating high-quality links between all members of the family, much in the same way an SEO professional often focuses on creating high-quality links during the link-building process.

With both families and SEO strategies, it is most often the quality and not the quantity that is most important in all things. Dr. Farag noted that families are more likely to become closer by spending quality time in which all members are fully engaged and present, and it is similarly the case with link-building strategies. Instead of building a vast number of links that are of low quality, SEO professionals ought to focus on building the kind of links that are most likely to draw the attention of the search engine algorithms in an organic fashion.

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