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Inject Life into Your Startup with Proven Digital Marketing Strategies

Charles Lubbat Houston Texas

Marketing is an integral part of your business plan. It is just as important as product development. Marketing informs potential customers and builds loyalty. This process augments your sales pipeline. Connectivity and digital media have revolutionized marketing as we knew it. Digital technologies are constantly evolving. How we use technology affects our social interactions and lifestyles.

What Is Digital Marketing?

People are adopting new technologies quickly. This has forced businesses to find innovative ways to connect with customers. Digital marketing refers to advertising and creating awareness on digital media and related platforms. It involves running promotional and marketing campaigns on electronic media, primarily online. It utilizes search engines, social media, mobile applications, paid advertising and email among others.

Overview of Digital Marketing Strategies

Let us briefly look at a few of the strategies. Email marketing is a proven way to increase traffic to your sites and grow leads. It is an excellent option to maximize your return on investment. Statista reports that more than 2.5 billion people actively use email.

Similarly, the mobile platform is rapidly becoming the next frontier. To put it in perspective, there are close to five billion global mobile users. Your digital marketing strategy must work to optimize the interactions with mobile users.

Search marketing boosts your traffic and consequently sales. Search and social media marketing has also been proven to provide superior user engagements. This leads to higher lead conversions. Social media marketing augments your branding and visibility efforts.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing accelerates the growth of your small business. It offers new ways to connect with people on emergent platforms. What do you stand to gain from using digital marketing strategies?

  • It is a cost-effective strategy that gets results. Compared to traditional marketing strategies, digital marketing works at a fraction of the budget.
  • It levels out the playing field for both small startups and established brands. Marketing is slowly shifting focus from quantity and size to quality. A smart and well-executed digital strategy can be more effective than a big budget campaign from your competitors.
  • Enjoy a wider audience. There are more people online than those watching TV or walking on the streets. As connectivity and smart technologies improve, more people, as well as devices, are expected to come on board. This increases the exposure as you can target global customers.
  • Your campaign could go viral. Millions of users could share your message in a short period. This opens up new, lucrative, and unprecedented opportunities.
  • There is greater user engagement. This enables essential feedback that guides your campaigns and business strategy. In addition, information from the marketing campaigns is available for analysis and interpretation on a real-time basis. This empowers you to refine your promotional strategies quickly. Data analytics enables you to gain resourceful insight into consumer preferences. Consequently, you are in a better position to influence purchasing decisions.
  • Digital marketing improves your online reputation. This builds customer loyalty and boosts your potential customer base. It opens the door to the futuristic opportunities presented by the internet of things and other emergent technologies.


Digital marketing is a powerful strategy to grow your startup. A digital marketing specialist can empower your business to realize its potential. Charles Lubbat Houston Texas is an experienced business consultant. He offers effective digital marketing strategies that enable startups to cross the tracks to profitability and longevity.

A smart digital marketing approach sets your business apart from the competition. It allows you to build profitable long-term relationships with clients. Some digital marketing strategies are relatively inexpensive. This makes them an excellent choice for cash and bootstrapped startups.


Rocco Basile Discusses Link Building In Construction Business

Links work like streets between pages and sites and this means businesses that have quality links are likely to have a good flow of traffic. Getting links that can assure you the right results is a process that takes time and you need to first understand how link building works to avoid the pitfalls that many beginners find themselves into. In the construction industry, you need to choose links that are relevant to your field.

Rocco Basile, an expert in construction and the founder of Avo Construction, has been using different link building strategies and most of them have returned positive results. He helps companies to come up with marketing plans and advices on the right link building strategies to use to increase effectiveness and reach.

Research competitors

The first idea that Rocco Basile supports is searching through your competitors to see the types of links they are using on their profiles. Their link profiles can tell you a lot about the success of the kind of links selected and this could also give you a clue about what you need to choose for your site to also appear among the best on search engines. To accomplish this well, you need the ahrefs plugin, which allows you to export all links used by your competitor in a CSV document. You can then sort the links to choose ones with the best opportunities. You could also sift through indirect competitors for additional links and ideas that could help you to optimize your marketing strategy.

Make it easy to get linked

To get people to link to you, you need to create an ample environment or a good relationship. Make HTML snippets that can be plugged into their content to link directly to you. The best idea would be creating a page titled say, “Link to Us” then allowing a smooth linking process, probably at the bottom of each article or post.

Share your content to get linked

Another aspect of link building that you must know is that people will not link to you until they have read your content to judge if it relates with what they do. For this, you need high quality keyword optimized content that will easily convince your target that your business is formed on the basis of offering quality and maintaining ethics in marketing and development. You need the right people to link to you and most of them don’t come cheap, so having quality content could be the first step towards getting that link.

You need an RSS feed

If you have a blog that is based on popular content management systems like WordPress, you should come up with an RSS feed. A feed allows you to easily monitor your subscribers and with this information you can evaluate what to feed then and at what time. Engagement is key and this is what you should target in all the posts you do. Managing a good RSS feed could increase your chances of getting linked.

Software Development Proposal Templates: Comparing Templates for Link Building and SEO Purposes

SEO Linkbuilding software developmentIf there is a single business maxim that can be universally applied regardless of industry, it is the simple fact that optimizing productivity and enhancing efficiency should be viewed as constantly evolving processes in need of consistent attention. Saving time and increasing productivity bring significant benefits to companies in any industry or endeavor, and it is certainly true that link building and SEO firms have a great deal to gain through the use of strategies aimed at achieving these outcomes. One of the many ways in which link building and SEO firms can accomplish this is through the use of software development proposal templates.

While it is clear that a software development proposal template yields a number of positive outcomes, SEO and link building firms still have to select the most ideal template based on several specific factors unique to the firm’s operations. Many firms find software development proposal templates from Proposable as well as from TinderBox to be the most ideal due to the inherent ease with which they can be implemented and the level of customization possible, though many others prefer to use the Proposable template because of its document tracking capabilities.

For the basis of comparison, several software development proposal templates were evaluated according to each one’s ability to meet the various needs of SEO and link building firms, with a particular focus on each of the following:

• Ease of use
• Optimization and organization
• CRM integration

There are a number of exceptional templates available to SEO and link building firms, but it is nonetheless critical for firms to thoroughly research the different functionalities and capabilities associated with each proposal template in order to ensure that productivity and efficiency is improved to the greatest degree possible.

Ease of Use

In terms of the ease of use and the speed with which the software development proposal template could be implemented, several companies could easily make a claim as the simplest and most straightforward, including each of the following:

• Proposable
• Paperless Proposal
• TinderBox

Of course, there is more to consider other than the template’s ease of use, but there is something to be said for a template that is able to deliver a wide range of capabilities while still remaining simple and straightforward.

Optimization and Organization

One of the principal difficulties associated with previous proposal efforts included the seemingly endless back-and-forth that could go on between two parties while working on the details of an arrangement and then signing off on all the necessary documentation. Proposable, for example, has eliminated this back-and-forth by including features in which it is possible to utilize virtual signatures as opposed to the process in which a document had to be printed, signed, scanned and then returned to the original sender.

CRM Integration

Customer relationship management is absolutely critical in any endeavor, and link-building firms certainly have a clear understanding of this notion and incorporate a CRM system for this purpose. When selecting a software development proposal template, it is therefore important that the template can be seamlessly integrated with the CRM that is likely already in place. Paperless Proposal, for example, can be integrated with two CRMs in NetSuite CRM and Salesforce CRM, while Proposable can be directly integrated with at least four CRMs: Capsule, Highrise, Insightly, and Salesforce.

Marlon Kobacker Talks Sustainable SEO and the Importance of Tracking User Satisfaction Signals


Marlon Kobacker SEOMarlon Kobacker’s expertise regarding sustainability extends beyond the world of sustainable design and renewable energy, as the renewable energy expert also has a keen understanding of the best practices for highly effective SEO and link building. While acknowledging that SEO best practices must continually evolve in response to the newest updates to the ever-changing search engine algorithms, Kobacker also outlined the critical and consistently effective strategies many businesses overlook when developing an overarching plan for SEO and link building.

Keyword density and the inclusion of quality links will surely be key considerations going forward, but those concepts are among the many in SEO that are often subject to change. So even though it remains essential to focus on these concepts, it is also necessary to ensure equal attention is paid to those strategies that will remain consistently effective throughout each subsequent change to the search engine algorithms. Of those strategies, perhaps none is more critical than user satisfaction and engagement.

Since a search engine’s goal is to provide the user with the most relevant and high-quality links concerning a particular subject, the designers of the search-engine algorithms consistently value user satisfaction signals when making alterations. For businesses and SEO professionals, this means that websites must be designed so that users are not just drawn to the site but also remain engaged with the content they find once they get there. While SEO and link building will surely continue to evolve, it remains clear that significant attention should be paid to the quality of experience provided to the user.

SEO Basics: URLs, Titles and Content

It’s so easy to lose sight of the basics after a while, and sometimes we are all prone to making the assumption that we have not forgotten those first lessons that were learned so long ago. Business leaders like Luigi Wewege would be among the first to remind us that there are countless benefits to refreshing even the most basic of skills from time to time, and it is certainly helpful to review some of the SEO best practices that we may have forgotten. Since SEO strategies are always in flux, it is also particularly helpful to review the basic concepts to ensure that nothing has recently changed.

Luigi Wewege arriving in ItalyThe search engine algorithms still value URLs that are clean and include the keyword phrase within the first three to five words. Some blogging platforms automatically generate URLs that are low in value when it comes to SEO, so it is important to manually change the URL to reflect best SEO practices. Luigi Wewege would probably recommend changing this system so that the article title automatically appears in the URL, as this is a more efficient use of time than manually altering the URL for each post.

When it comes to title tags, the targeted keyword should always come first. Search engine algorithms are weighted in such a way that any title beginning with the keyword is greatly preferred, so simply leading with the keyword is critical when it comes to a page’s rank in an organic search. As for the content, in-depth posts and articles that discuss the keyword phrase at length are best when there is a great deal of competition for the keyword, with the ideal length of a post believed to be at least 1,500 words or more.

Dr. Raouf Farag Compares Link-Building Strategies to the Development of Strong Familial Ties

When it comes to effective SEO strategies, link building continues to remain among the most critically important. It also happens to be a strategy that has consistently evolved at a fairly rapid rate over the past few years, forcing SEO professionals to constantly adapt to changing algorithms in order to generate positive results. Best practices in link building were recently the topic of a lively discussion with Dr. Raouf Farag, an IVF doctor from Gosford in New South Wales, Australia. While the doctor’s expertise is certainly not in SEO or link-building strategies, he did make a number of insightful observations in evaluating the best practices used for search engine optimization.

As an obstetrician and gynecologist who specializes in IVF, Dr. Farag remains a key figure for families in New South Wales. The patients under his care seek out Dr. Farag for his expertise and his detail-oriented approach to medicine, which includes reminding patients that there is no stronger bond than the bond shared by members of a loving family. It is in this way that the doctor presents the importance of creating high-quality links between all members of the family, much in the same way an SEO professional often focuses on creating high-quality links during the link-building process.

With both families and SEO strategies, it is most often the quality and not the quantity that is most important in all things. Dr. Farag noted that families are more likely to become closer by spending quality time in which all members are fully engaged and present, and it is similarly the case with link-building strategies. Instead of building a vast number of links that are of low quality, SEO professionals ought to focus on building the kind of links that are most likely to draw the attention of the search engine algorithms in an organic fashion.

What Determines Link Value?

Have you ever wondered how do search engines determine which links are greater than another? What does a link’s value in a search engine? The answer you are looking for rests inside the elements of a link as well as the search engine you’re using.  As normal users of search engines, we don’t fully understand what makes a search engine tick, however, search engines have been around for a long enough time, that we have been able to study their ways to get a pretty decent idea.

My favorite and possibly one of the best and most common ways engines use to determine value is anchor text. Halden Zimmerman an example of anchor text. Halden Zimmermann is highlighted showing that the name “Halden Zimmerman” is the anchor. The name is connected to a link. You have probably been to other websites and seen other such examples of this on the webpage with works like “click here,” or, “next page.”

Another way that determines the value of a link that has become more and more popular over the past 8 years is how many times a site/link has been shared and clicked on social media. If you think about how many links are being shared and clicked constantly every day just in your circle of friends, you can get an idea that search engines are busy, especially if you multiply the work load to a few billion clicks every half second.

Stephen E. Smith Lawsuit Sticks Up For SEO Firm

A handful of clients are suing an SEO agency for dishonoring Google’s guidelines by the use of spam techniques to achieve high page rank. The type of spam techniques said to be used were:

  • Publishing empires
  • Connecting blogs
  • Spamming Domains
  • Having duplicate domains
  • Links inside No Script tags
  • DHTML laying and hidden text under layers
  • Link stuffing
  • Invisible text
  • Link farming

Stephen E. Smith Lawsuit has taken the side of the defendant in belief that he can win this case. The SEO firm defendant does it’s best work with online marketing for the legal profession, but now is in hefty trouble abusing Google’s SEO rules through what is known as “link farms” for their clients.

But what are link farms? Link farms are still all over the internet and a lot of search engines can detect them. Search engines must be able to see a large network of links and, link spamming has to be done on a minor scale if ever at all.

Has anyone ever seen Google’s guidelines? It may come as a surprise that not very many people even knew that Google had guidelines and that is the point that attorney Stephen E. Smith is trying to push into everyone’s understanding.

Link or Not to Link

Paying for Link Building can be expensive. untitled (191) imagesT8IPD618 Is it worth it.  Well that depends on your goals.  If you want more traffic to your site then link building can help you out and the resulting sales should offset the expense.  You need to hire a reputable SEO Tech to get the desired results.  If you are considering link building as a solution for your business then you are not alone.  I would bet that your competitor is using link building and you need to as well to stay in the game.  Kimra Bettasso can attest to the effectiveness of link building.

Links Work?

images (11) images (10)How can you know that the link building that you paid for worked?  I guess the end result should be the improvement in the search ranking.  Does it really work?  I think it can work but only for the SEO tech that knows how to fool the Google algorithm.  You have to understand how Google decides ranking to be able to get the links to matter.  The best way to find a good SEO tech is by referral.  They can make all kinds of claims online but the reality may be much different.  Dana Sibilsky is a good SEO tech and I would recommend her.